Hi, I'm Josh @ Mixt Meta

I am a self-motivated software engineer with ten years of experience creating complex systems. I am privileged to work on many great products, but the ones I especially enjoy allow me to build large multi-tiered applications from scratch using my core technical strengths of C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript and SQL. I love working with talented, small teams but can also deliver high quality results independently when needed. I study kung fu to stay sharp.

Project Details

I am available for freelance work in software and web development on a part time basis. I take requests for HTML/CSS/JS, .NET, Python, and SQL programming and run a minimum day rate for all projects, but prices may vary based on the assignment. If you have work you would like me to consider, please use the form below to submit a brief description.

Minimum Day Rates

Web Design (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
Server Programming (.NET, Python, PHP)
Database Programming (Schema design, SQL scripting)